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  • Alberto Maria de Agostini Film Biography

    Alberto Maria de Agostini Film Biography

    A short documentary created by the Museo de la Inmigración in Buenos Aires that focuses on Alberto María de Agostini. He was an Italian missionary, mountaineer, ethnographer, and author in  Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. Alberto Maria de Agostini (1883 – 1960) was a missionary and member the Salesians of Don Bosco order. He was…

  • Fainá: Italian Influence on Argentine Cuisine

    Fainá: Italian Influence on Argentine Cuisine

    by Mirta Roncagalli  A much-loved plate in the region of Río de la Plata is “El Fainá” or “La Fainá”. In Uruguay, it is known under the masculine name and in Argentina, it takes the feminine one. In Uruguay, its story dates to August 27, 1915, when “Los Guidos”, two Italian brothers, arrived in Montevideo…

  • Food and Community in Italian Buenos Aires

    Food and Community in Italian Buenos Aires

    by Mirta Roncagalli  Food is a central aspects of Italian culture. Important social and identity practices have developed over the centuries and around cuisin, both in Italy and in those lands where Italians emigrated. Amongst Italians in Buenos Aires, food products and gastronomic habits have moved beyond the private sphere and they have influenced the…

  • The trunk of a Jewish-Italian Couple

    The trunk of a Jewish-Italian Couple

    This trunk is part of the exhibit For all the men of the world (Para todos los hombres del mundo)  at the Museo de la Inmigración in Buenos Aires, a title drawn from the preamble to the Argentine Constitution.  

  • Radio, Niní Marshall and Immigration

    Radio, Niní Marshall and Immigration

    Tucked away in a corner of the exhibit “For all the men in the world” we find an object that is striking for its size and functionality.

  • Exile and Writing

    This typewriter belonged to the Spanish poet Rafael Alberti, who came in exile to Argentina as a result of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). Writing is a central aspect of migration. Migrants use it maintain connections with the land and the people they leave behind.

  • Italians in Argentina

    ¡Ciao! Italians in Argentina:a virtual exhibit “Argentina is very Italian” is something you often hear. But what does that mean?  Italians were the largest group of immigrants in Argentina for more than a century, starting in the 1850s, making up 71% of all immigrants in the 1860s, and still 45% in the decade after 1900.…


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“The foreigner is not only the other, we ourselves were or will be, yesterday or tomorrow, at the mercy of an uncertain destiny: each one of us is a potential foreigner.”

Esto es un verso o puede usarse como bajada. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Et nobis esse ut autem atque nam odio ratione qui voluptatem voluptatem vel porro totam eos repellendus excepturi aut optio adipisci. In corrupti quod sed architecto numquam ea delectus totam et magni ullam.

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