Author: bridgetoargentina

  • Panettone


    Panettone is a cylindrical sweetened and candied bread consumed especially during the Christmas holiday season.

  • Wine


    Wine was one way that Italians influenced the industries, environments, and cultures of both their home and host countries.

  • Vermouth


    This fortified wine from Turin symbolized wealth, glamour, and Italianità.

  • Canned tomatoes

    Canned tomatoes

    Though from the Americas, Italian migrants brought this fruit back to the Americas in new ways.

  • Pasta


    Italians carried their love of pasta to Argentina and soon created factories in Argentina to feed immigrants.

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    By 1910, Argentina imported more Italian olive oil than any other country in the world.

  • Mate


    Italian immigrants were encouraged by neighbors, earlier arrivals from Italy, and even employers to join the mate circle.

  • Immigrant Pantry

    Immigrant Pantry

    What did immigrants eat? How did Italian immigrants transform the diets of Argentines and of other immigrants? And how did being in Argentina remake Italian food? This exhibit of everyday life seeks to answer these questions and to show how food was a central part of the immigrant experience, international trade, and the making of…

  • Cookbooks


    While previous generations learned to cook from relatives and friends, many locals and immigrants with sufficient resources bought this encyclopedic cookbook that would teach them how to be an Argentine woman and to cook Argentine food.

  • Azur and Abraham: From the Eastern Mediterranean to the Río de la Plata.  

    In 2022, the Museum of Immigration in Buenos Aires opened its exhibit “From the Eastern Mediterranean to the Río de la Plata”, aiming to make visible the ethnic and religious diversity in Argentina, in part due to the arrival of immigrants from all over the world.