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  • Dry cleaners, handheld fans and identity: Japanese in Buenos Aires

    Dry cleaners, handheld fans and identity: Japanese in Buenos Aires

    Among the objects at the Museum, one finds a collection of Japanese-style handheld fans. Japanese immigrants formed small communities in many parts of Argentina starting in the late 19th century.

  • Between Two Worlds: Child Migrants

    Between Two Worlds: Child Migrants

    Among the millions of adults who arrived in Argentina, hundreds of thousands of children also came. In the extensive collections of photographs that the museum exhibits to illustrate the diversity of experiences that came with immigration, we can find images of boys and girls who forged their own paths in local society.

  • Immigrant Associations: Integration and Legacies

    Immigrant Associations: Integration and Legacies

    Associations were a common experience for migrants of many origins. These institutions show both integration and the legacies that immigrants left in Argentina. Immigrants could join one of many associations that provided a specific service or resource: schools, hospitals, social clubs.

  • Panettone


    Panettone is a cylindrical sweetened and candied bread consumed especially during the Christmas holiday season.

  • Wine


    Wine was one way that Italians influenced the industries, environments, and cultures of both their home and host countries.

  • Vermouth


    This fortified wine from Turin symbolized wealth, glamour, and Italianità.

  • Canned tomatoes

    Canned tomatoes

    Though from the Americas, Italian migrants brought this fruit back to the Americas in new ways.

  • Pasta


    Italians carried their love of pasta to Argentina and soon created factories in Argentina to feed immigrants.

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    By 1910, Argentina imported more Italian olive oil than any other country in the world.

  • Mate


    Italian immigrants were encouraged by neighbors, earlier arrivals from Italy, and even employers to join the mate circle.


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“The foreigner is not only the other, we ourselves were or will be, yesterday or tomorrow, at the mercy of an uncertain destiny: each one of us is a potential foreigner.”

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