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Italians in Argentina:
A Virtual Exhibit

Learn about the Italian influence in Argentina, what immigrants ate, where they came from, and what they encountered.

Image courtesy of the Archivo General de la Nación


The virtual museum seeks to make the history of immigration accessible to those who can’t visit the museum. It also offers things that you can’t do in a museum. Sit on your couch and listen to old tango songs or radio shows; go on a walking tour of immigrant monuments all over Buenos Aires; listen to podcasts while you drive to work. This virtual space has been created by the collaborative efforts of two dozen researchers in Argentina, North America, and Europe and it is supported by the University of British Columbia, the UBC Humanities Hub, the Museos de la Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


Photography credits, thanks to: Migrants: Archivo General de la Nación | Clocks: Foto de Jon Tyson en Unsplash | TypeWritter: Foto de RetroSupply en Unsplash| Radios: Foto de Rod Flores en Unsplash | Luggage: Foto de Erwan Hesry en Unsplash

“The foreigner is not only the other, we ourselves were or will be, yesterday or tomorrow, at the mercy of an uncertain destiny: each one of us is a potential foreigner.”



To become involved in the project, write to Dr. Benjamin Bryce, University of British Columbia.